*NEW* Simplicity Ritual Herbal Blend KIT (w/Charcoal Roll of 10 tabs, & Instructional BOS Sheet!)


Designed and handcrafted by Me, Morika, at Under The New Moon, LLC - our newest Herbal Line addition - 

Simplicity Ritual Herbal Blends


Price: $11.25
Your Choice of Herbal Blends

*NEW* Celtic Strength Fine Pewter Hand-Engraved/Crafted & Designed Pendants!


As with all products here at Under The New Moon... Each New Day is a New Beginning.  It is on this premise, that we offer both very unique and common items -- but all items assist the person buying them with their spiritual, emotional and psychological practice of 'lettting the old go' and 'beginning again.'  This is hard and sometimes it takes work.  Every tool in our arsenal that can help...does so!

Price: $11.25
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Your Choice of Celtic Strength Pendant



Keep your hidden treasures close.

These bottle pendants are perfect for tiny secrets: a photo, your favorite perfume oil, ashes, a wish, or a lovenote, spell powder, amulet items....


Price: $14.59
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EXCAVATION KIT - Triceratops! Just 2 left!!

Excavation kits have everything you need to unearth your treasure. Great gift idea for the curious mind. 8" x 5.75" x 1.75"  (recommended for 5 years and above!)
This is such a great idea and neat gift for one of your younger loves of your life!!  How fun to dig and discover, then build it!  A true Archaeological dig right at home!!  Will take them quite a long time to work out getting this beast out of the dirt!  Lots of fun for the inquisitive!


Price: $10.35

Fireside Chai - a different blend than My Chai! - 1 oz.


Temporary Price Reduction!

A warm, piquant, and delightful caffeine free herbal Chai. Great for Chai lovers who do not need the caffeine boost. A slightly smoother flavor than traditional black tea based Chai teas, this exotic beverage that is sure to tickle your taste buds while leaving a semi-sweet linger to the palate!


Price: $3.68