I amTEMPORARILY closing Under The New Moon, LLC while I continue to grieve the loss of my husband on March 15th 2016. In addition to the loss of my only son 3 years ago, February 16th, 2013.  I have a lot of changes coming during the next few months.  

I will be relocating approximately 4 hours away closer to where I used to live and closer to family and friends.  A place has been located and things are being finalized, although the actually moving is still approximately 2 months or so away.  During this time, I MUST CLEAR OUT AS MUCH INVENTORY AS POSSIBLE in order to move most efficiently and quickly (and more easily on my old bones, :))

A lot has happened in my life during these three years and it has been most difficult for sure.  I want to extend my deepest thanks to every customer/friend who has stuck it out with my delayed shipping at times, my faux-pas, and ups and downs. Having been in business with UTNM on line for over 11 years now, my reputation thankfully has garnered many a faithful customer, and for you, I am forever grateful.

UTNM will REOPEN, once again IN ANOTHER SEASON AND TIME, as I allow myself a couple of months of resettling and adjusting to the new road. In the meantime, I PRAY you will take advantage of these "off the shelf" items that can easily be placed in a box and quickly shipped. NO OILS or CUSTOM ITEMS are being offered in this 70% off sale.  So no time will be wasted in shipping.  :) You can purchase comfortably.  In addition, ALL BRAND NEW BOOKS THAT WE HAVE AND HAD JUST RECEIVED FROM OUR VENDOR RIGHT BEFORE MY HUSBAND GOT SICK, are being OFFERED FOR ONLY $5 PER BOOK!!  No 70% off on these and the titles will be sent to you via our custom email newsletter or if you email me at underthenewmoon@gmail.com and request the listing.  We have lots and I do not wish nor need to move these all.  I can restock when I get settled. These books range from 9.95 to $27.95 and no matter which you choose, it's $5 flat.  OR, 5 for $20!!


You have a few weeks to buy, so I hope to see you floating around here on your brooms and browsing a bit! :) Thanks for keeping me in your prayers, your light and love. I am very sad and in very much need of it.  Bless you.

Morika (Laurie)