WITCH BALLS 6" Dia. - Handblown Glass - NEW!!! Purple, Green, Brown Hues


New to UTNM are our Handblow Glass Witch Balls in 3 beautiful hues:

Purple Hues

Green Hues

Amber Hues

Each individual, 6" diameter, unique and completely different in color spectrum, design, and glass witch strands inside.  Stunning effect and beautiful to hang inside by a window or outside (but be careful about it being blown around as these are glass!)

Price: $43.99

TRIPLE GODDESS PLAQUE - Perfect for your Home/Sacred Space!


Undoubtedly, the most exquisite piece I have seen to add to your home decor, altar area, 'retreat/spell/ritual/quiet place' room...anywhere you want to be reminded of the the Triple Goddess in all her glory.

Trying to get a picture of the intricate detailing of this piece is almost impossible as it is so well-detailed, beautifully, artistically made and heavy and stunning to the eyes. It takes the breath away--literally!

Price: $52.00