TRIPLE GODDESS PLAQUE - Perfect for your Home/Sacred Space!


Undoubtedly, the most exquisite piece I have seen to add to your home decor, altar area, 'retreat/spell/ritual/quiet place' room...anywhere you want to be reminded of the the Triple Goddess in all her glory.

Trying to get a picture of the intricate detailing of this piece is almost impossible as it is so well-detailed, beautifully, artistically made and heavy and stunning to the eyes. It takes the breath away--literally!

Price: $52.00

Yi Xing PUMPKIN Teapot


Pronounced “Yee-Shing”, this is a city and region in southern China renowned for its beautiful clay. The clay has a distinct characteristic of retaining the flavor of the tea. The more you use…the richer the flavor of your tea. This awesome pumpkin pot is 10oz in size which makes it a perfect size for one!

Price: $19.99

Beautiful WHEEL OF THE YEAR Resin Large Plaque - 2 Left for the Year!


Update: 9/5/14 - "We have just two left of these beautiful, weighty, intricate--amazingly detailed Wheel of the Year plaques as we have quickly sold the others.  We will not be restocking this item until the New Year.  If you want one for your Fall Altar setting, decor, gift item for someone for Yule, or a birthday, coven-gift...?, get yours now.  Just two left.  Slight chance of restocking these ONLY if the vendor gets more in in time for an order before the holidays.  Not looking great right now.  So, giving the heads up!"


Price: $44.99