WISHING WITCH Monthly Subscription Kit - New for 2016!



New for 2016!  Calling ALL Witches, Pagans and Magickal Practitioners! This kit is for you!  Enjoy a "wishing witch" kit delivered right to your door every month FILLED to the BRIM with awesome witchy supplies DIRECT FROM YOUR WISHLIST!! (as much as possible, at least. :))

Price: $49.94
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Custom Herb Kit in Jars -YOU CHOOSE HERBS FROM OVER 100 HERBS- Plus BOS!!


New set of a Custom Small Sized (great for small cupboards and spaces and for your magickal witchy cupboard) Herb Jars, labeled beautifully with the first initial of the Herb Logo'd and emphasized on the jar, --all organic herbs except where otherwise noted -- PLUS comes with a complete set of Book of Shadows sheets for each herb you choose and a couple of blank Herb BOS for you to use for further research.  Two empty vials also come with the set!  Because the cost of herbs vary, we have averaged out the cost.

Price: $64.95
This is the herb you chose

NEW! Astrology Pendants by Deva Designs!! LOVE LOVE THESE!


Astrology Sign pendants, each presented with 24″ ball chain and display tag. Pendants come with the name of the zodiac sign and its symbol on the front, and the main characteristics of the sign inscribed on the other 3 sides.

Price: $9.99

NEW! Celtic Cordial Glass, Bud Vase, Apertif Glass, Shot Glass!! Stunning Etched!


These Celtic Glass pieces are hand abrasion-etched, for a design that is as easy to care for as it is beautiful. Use as a cordial glass, bud vase, aperitif glass, shot glass, home decor, wedding gift, and more.

Price: $13.49
This is your choice of design.