WITCH BALLS 6" Dia. - Handblown Glass - NEW!!! Purple, Green, Brown Hues


New to UTNM are our Handblow Glass Witch Balls in 3 beautiful hues:

Green Hues

Green with Amber Hues

Each individual, 6" diameter, unique and completely different in color spectrum, design, and glass witch strands inside.  Stunning effect and beautiful to hang inside by a window or outside (but be careful about it being blown around as these are glass!)

Price: $43.99

INNER VOICE Wood Carved Statuary from BALI - New to UTNM!


Beautiful hand carved spiritual art from Bali.  Available as a limited edition.

A portion of the proceeds of this piece go to a fair-trade village family of wood carvers in Bali.  Each piece is handmade and carved. The wood is magnificent.

Each piece will vary slightly due to wood detailing and handcraftedness. Stunning work!

Price: $39.95